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Rockville Town Center Master Plan Update

Since the most recent master plan for Rockville Town Center was adopted in 2001, Town Center has evolved to be a premier destination and job center within the city. However, Town Center’s retail continues to struggle and compete regionally. An updated master plan will help guide Town Center’s success in the coming decades.

The overarching goal of the master plan update is to strengthen Town Center by creating a cohesive vision for the planning area that meets the city’s goals and provides a clear path for implementation. A new master plan is also an opportunity to bring Town Center into further alignment with city-wide goals regarding climate action, bicycle and pedestrian safety, and racial equity and social justice.

What is a master plan?

A master plan is a long-range document that establishes a vision for future growth and development. They provide the city and its residents and businesses the chance to clarify and refine the Comprehensive Plan's visions and goals for specific areas of the city. Master plans typically make recommendations for zoning, streetscapes, public infrastructure, and other aspects of land use.

Download a copy of the slideshow presentation here.


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