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Value Based Packages

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It is important that we deliver value for what is important to you at different stages of your business.

The first year, our Connector level is all about gaining customers, establishing your reputation, and proving yourself capable of running the company.

Our Main Street level is mainly for retail and restaurant businesses.   That’s why we’re committed to giving you services to grow your visibility, to “make you famous” in the community, and to give you better connections that will save you time and money and attract customers to your business.

About year three you want to work with other influencers in our community, so you never have to worry about missing out on the very opportunities you’ve been striving for.  Watch as your team gets stronger as they are better informed.  Enjoy being among influential leaders who are shaping our region.

By year five, as a leader, you care about developing relations with other business and civic leaders to grow your business.  The problem is it’s hard to know where to plug in, which can make you feel like you don’t have a voice or like you’re being left behind.  We believe you shouldn’t have to search for ways to improve your community.  It all starts with showing up.  At this level, you have your own lunches with like-minded leaders and have access to guests in public policy and government.

As stakeholders, you deserve recognition for making our region a prosperous place.  As a community benefactor, we know you want to help the region attract and retain talent, build a robust workforce, and drive a growing economy.  This level has its own dinners, with access to other CEOs in the region as well as State and local government.

Our President and CEO, Marji Graf explains the Value-Based Packages in detail.

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