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Aging in Place: Creating Homes for a Safe and Comfortable Future

Aging in place or Universal Design is a growing focus in the realm of home remodeling, as individuals seek to make their homes suitable for long-term living. With today’s current economy more people are realizing they will be in their home longer than originally thought. Every home can be converted for aging in place, with some being more suitable than others. Let’s explore the various aspects of aging-in-place modifications and the importance of thoughtful planning for the future. It doesn’t matter your current age, you never know when some of these elements can make life easier (i.e. broken leg, knee surgery, hip surgery, bad back, etc.).

Common Modifications and Customizations

Key modifications requested by homeowners for aging in place include primary shower enhancements. Curbless shower designs, shower benches, decorative grab bars (not your typical industrial hospital-looking bars of yesteryear), handheld showerheads, accessible shower controls, extra heat, wider doors, improved lighting, and additional handrails are all common adjustments. Ramps, too, can be added, when necessary.

Safety Features for Seniors

Safety is always a concern for aging individuals - especially if they are living alone. Alarm systems with panic key fobs or necklaces, security cameras, and video doorbells are recommended to enhance home security for seniors. Even door locks and garage doors can be controlled from anywhere.

Integration of Smart Home Solutions

Technological advancements, such as smart lighting control, alarm systems, video doorbells, smart locks, and cameras, are often integrated to enhance safety and convenience for aging residents. The focus is on making these technologies user-friendly and accessible to people of all ages.

Innovative Technologies and Trends

Our team views keeping up with the evolution of home renovation as one of our key responsibilities to customers. Each of our professionals engages in continuous learning, meetings with manufacturers' reps, and attending conferences to stay updated on the latest technologies and trends for aging in place.

Budgetary Constraints and Financing Options

Budgetary constraints always involve assessing current and future priorities. Financing and grants can provide the wiggle room that’s needed. We offer financing options to our customers. Also, some geographies offer grants in the form of government assistance, based on an individual’s financial situation.

Sample Aging in Place Projects

Two projects in our portfolio showcase remodels that cater specifically to the concept of aging in place. Our Silver Spring, MD Whole Home Makeover featured an in-law suite with several aging-in-place elements. The second project, Avenel-Potomac Primary Bathroom Renovation incorporated a curbless wet room, with grab bars, a shower bench, recess niches, ease-to-reach handheld showerheads, and other hidden elements for future mobility adjustments. The incorporation of aging-in-place elements showcases the forward-thinking approach to addressing future needs.

Aging in place is a thoughtful way to enjoy one’s home today - while ensuring a safe, comfortable, and accessible living environment for many years to come. If you or your loved ones are considering aging-in-place modifications, consult with our experienced professionals today.

Contact House to Home Solutions at (301) 762-6621 or for a personalized consultation. Let's build a safe and comfortable future together.

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