• Rockville Chamber of Commerce Legislative Agenda

  • Primary Goals:

    1. Promote and support policies that will help increase and diversify Rockville employers and assist small businesses; and

    2. Facilitate and maintain high-quality education in Rockville based schools and post- secondary institutions that supports student career preparation in areas of high-need in the region;

    3. Work in partnership with the City, REDI, FRIT, Visarts and other stakeholders to make Rockville Town Center a vibrant destination with arts and culture as a focus;

    4. Promote and support policies designed to explore and improve transportation options with a focus on their economic impact to the business community.


    Goal: Support REDI in its economic development efforts to attract new businesses/employers to Rockville and retain existing businesses and to promote and support policies and legislation which increase employment opportunities, wage rates, and the tax base.

    • Continue to encourage the City to provide incentives through REDI to new businesses/employers.

    • Encourage the City to reduce the zoning restrictions and fees that deter businesses/employers from choosing Rockville.

    • Support making Rockville a destination for the arts and creative industries, which will in turn increase business for Rockville’s multitude of restaurants and service providers.

    • Support the City and stakeholders in exploration of the creation of an Arts and Entertainment District.

    • Support investment in Rockville’s infrastructure.

    • Work with stakeholders on developing existing venues in Rockville as arts and culture destinations – Redgate, Stone Street corridor, Dairy Barns at King Farm, etc.

    • Support state legislation for Association Health Plans to provide small businesses with an opportunity to pool their employees for the purpose of obtaining a large group rating, which generally results in lower premiums.

    • Advocate for the addition of workforce/affordable housing in the City of Rockville.


    Goal: Promote high-quality education in Rockville based schools and post-secondary institutions.

    • Advocate for smart funding of school capital and operating budgets at the County and State level.

    • Advocate for better methodologies for calculating school population growth.

    • Conduct a campaign to educate elected officials and the public on the effects of housing moratoriums in jurisdictions that negatively impact economic development. Demonstrate how moratoriums have hindered school construction, hurt economic development, and exacerbated the cost of housing. See informative article on the effect of moratoriums on school construction article HERE.


    Goal: Work in partnership with the City of Rockville, Federal Realty Investment Trust (FRIT), Rockville Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) and other stakeholders to make Rockville Town Center (RTC) a vibrant destination in accordance with the ULI TAP report and with arts and culture as a focus.

    • Support improving connections between Montgomery College and Town Center;

    • Support creation of more vibrant and active signage to mark arrival in RTC including along Rockville Pike, and Promenade Park;

    • Work with REDI, the City of Rockville and FRIT on exploring ways to attract and retain merchants in RTC including reviewing parking rates and hours, types of merchants approached for leasing opportunities, etc.

    • Create a working group to explore ways to increase development density in RTC in order to make it a vibrant and active destination.

    • Work with the City of Rockville, REDI, and other stakeholders including WAMTA to improve access to the Rockville Metro station and make it more inviting and attractive through art, culture, and destination entertainment events that differentiate RTC from its competitors.


    Goal: Partner with the City of Rockville, REDI and other stakeholders to review and explore transportation issues affecting Rockville residents and businesses.

    • Continue working with all stakeholders on the Managed Lane Studies regarding 270 and 495 and promote leveraging of smart technologies, review of road capacity, transit options, and telework policies.

    • Continue advocating to ensure that the State Highway Administration moves forward with West End Noise Barrier Project.

    • Advocate for increased investment from WMATA for Rockville metro/transportation stations.

    • Partner with the City of Rockville, REDI, the Pedestrian Safety Action Taskforce, and other stakeholders to research and advocate for policies to improve pedestrian safety.

  • Rockville Chamber of Commerce Current Action Items: