• Simply Nutrition Launches New Brand, Free Wellness Consultation Service, and New Website at SimplyNutrition.com

    April 26, 2019
    Simply Nutrition is launching a new brand to reflect its renewed efforts on connecting people with the nutritional products they need, in order to lead healthy lifestyles – this includes free wellness consultations and custom wellness plans. The company plans to unveil the new brand and showcase their website (SimplyNutrition.com) at their new location on Taft street, in Rockville MD, in June, 2019.
    Simply Nutrition recently launched a new brand to connect people with the products and resources they need to satisfy their lifestyle needs. Simply Nutrition will offer nutritional and wellness products through the website SimplyNutrition.com and a brick & mortar location in Rockville, MD.
    Simply Nutrition uniquely delivers on their promise to wellness by way of free wellness consultations. Wellness consultations are provided securely and privately online, in-store or by phone. No signs up or commitments are required to receive a free wellness consultation. Simply Nutrition’s Nutritional team can design an individual wellness plan based on a client’s needs. Simply visit their user-friendly website at SimplyNutrition.com to start a conversation with a wellness expert. To ensure privacy, Simply Nutrition does not keep records of our conversations.
    With the unveiling of the new brand, Simply Nutrition hopes to drive new energy into the natural products and wellness space. The new brand will foster thriving communities, where members can receive the support they need to live their best lives.
    Simply Nutrition will serve the needs of millions of people looking to lead natural, healthy lifestyles. The brand provides educational programs, wellness services, and various engagement events geared towards satisfying consumer needs. The brand also advocates for the wellness and natural products space to promote proactive lifestyle fulfillment ambitions, not reactive.
    Graig Jaricha, Digital Marketing Manager
    (301) 744-7022