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  • Rockville Chamber of Commerce Selects Dirigo Agency, Leading Web Studios for Website Redesign

    January 14, 2020

    Rockville Chamber of Commerce Selects Dirigo Agency, Leading

    Web Studios for Website Redesign, Branding Project

    Initiative to build better brand awareness, strengthen 

    messaging among members, board, staff and community


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    Rockville, MarylandThe Rockville Chamber of Commerce has selected Dirigo Agency and Leading Web Studios to redesign its website, https://www.rockvillechamber.org/, so that it incorporates RCC’s new branding messaging and better addresses the needs of its members, prospective businesses and the overall Rockville community.


    The two Rockville-based agencies will work closely with the chamber to create a website with a refreshed look and feel that resonates with businesses and highlights RCC’s renewed efforts on connecting people, opportunities and resources for a thriving Rockville. Dirigo Agency developed the new brand value propositions and customer-facing messages in 2018 that will be featured in the new website.


    The new website initiative reflects the next step in RCC’s commitment to businesses and the Rockville community under RCC President and CEO Marji Graf.


    “The Rockville Chamber’s marketing committee, made up of area industry professionals, has worked closely together during the past several months to develop a new brand messaging and identity that represents the values of the organization and its members,” says Graf. “Soon, we will bring this exciting rebranding initiative and its focused messaging to the community via a redesigned website that will feature new content, resources and training targeted to our specific audiences.”


    Graf adds that she hopes the overall new messaging and branding will help drive new energy into the Rockville business market and engage the entire community. 


    “It will raise much-needed awareness about RCC’s invaluable efforts to foster an environment where businesses can succeed with support from leadership, advocacy and community partnerships,” Graf notes.


    Tim Fahey, president and managing director of Dirigo Agency, says he is pleased to partner with Leading Web Studios on the project and looks forward to creating a website that attracts RCC’s audiences and supports its vision for a thriving Rockville.

    “The most important part of our work is designing the website with the goal of engaging RCC’s audiences and reaching them where they are in their communities, at their work, at play and on their social channels,” Fahey says. “We plan to create ‘journeys’ for each target audience that shows how they can contribute to their community, and why they should join and remain members.”


    The website’s launch is scheduled for early June.


    About Rockville Chamber of Commerce

    The RCC serves as the voice of thousands of businesses that proudly call Rockville their home. It strives to create and support a thriving Rockville through educational programs, networking opportunities, and services; civic and business involvement in cultural and social programs and services; and advocacy for the interdependence of business and civic goals to expand economic vitality in Rockville and its community.


    About Dirigo Agency

    Dirigo Agency is an integrated marketing and advertising agency, specializing in branding and design. Dirigo Agency provides end-to-end services, from creation to completion, including advertising, brand development, strategy, writing, design, digital, website, social media and development for online digital journeys. 

    Our mission is in alignment with our brand name: Dirigo (pronounced di.ri.go) is a Latin word which means “I lead.” Our mission is to lead you through the maze of branding, design, social media, and communication challenges to a position of market leadership.


    Dirigo Agency team: 


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    Timothy Fahey, President/Managing Director

    Timothy Fahey is the founder of Dirigo Agency Inc., which has provided branding, design, public relations and social media work since 2006. Tim delivers results to delight customers with performance-driven results and expertise in the integration of systems for marketing, branding, technology, social media, lead generation, and advertising campaigns.


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    Howard Schwartz

    Creative Director - User Experience

    Howard has a successful track record guiding the creation, delivery and governance of useful, usable content. During his 14-plus years with Marriott’s digital UX team, he not only wrote some of the company’s highest-grossing promotions but also worked with many of its 30 hotel brands – ensuring each one’s unique voice spanned digital touch points. Before joining Marriott, Howard spent 10 years as creative director and senior copywriter for one of Washington, D.C.’s largest advertising agencies developing integrated campaigns for Sprint, the Washington, D.C., Tourism Corporation, the Palm Beach Opera and The Washington Post. He believes that the most effective user experiences occur when design and content work synergistically.

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    Pamela Russell

    Pam is an accomplished public relations professional and strategist with extensive experience leading internal and external communications for nonprofits, high-tech firms, Fortune 500 companies and PR/marketing agencies. Pam is adept at leading teams in identifying and creating relevant content for multiple platforms, including websites, social media and newsletters, and is an expert writer and editor for websites, blogs, e-newsletters, print magazines and podcasts.


    About Leading Web Studios

    Leading Web Studios has nearly 30 years of experience in technical, digital, website and online with experience from small non-profit sites to large sites processing more than $20 million in sales. LWS is uniquely positioned to take your website to the next level. 

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    Dinos Papaoulias, title, is a website consultant with nearly 30 years of experience building, designing, developing and maintaining websites of all sizes. He has comprehensive knowledge of building and managing websites, including strategy, reporting, web project management, content production, web analytics, content management systems, code management with git, measuring and improving ROI. His specific skills are in web design, WordPress design, UX Research and User Experience Design.