• Glenn Shepard Webinar: How To Manage Problem Employees & Handle Difficult People

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    Name: Glenn Shepard Webinar: How To Manage Problem Employees & Handle Difficult People
    Date: June 11, 2020
    Time: 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM EDT
    Event Description:
    A SHRM and HRCI Accredited 45-Minute Webinar with Management Expert Glenn Shepard

    There is a science and a set of skills for:
    • Getting people to respect your authority
    • Becoming a strong, assertive leader that employees respect, without becoming an authoritarian jerk that they resent
    • Eliminating unacceptable behavior such as arguing, insubordination, backtalk, and outright defiance
    • Correcting people without demoralizing them
    It's not about disciplining people. It's about effectively setting and enforcing healthy boundaries.

    It's not about being mean. It's about being clear.

    Can you grasp the wisdom of mastery-level skills at psychologically and emotionally understanding people, at creating a relationship with your employees that transcends a mere superior-subordinate hierarchy, at actually being an INFLUENTIAL voice in their lives?

    What we're discussing here should not be confused with "HR" or (only) management.

    There is another distinctly different, fascinating area of management that can be even more valuable to you - with its own strategies and tactics. Something even more valuable than basic leadership skills.

    It's the PSYCHOLOGY of understanding why people do the things they do so that you can get them to do what you want them to do .

    If you're in management, I invite you to attend this webinar.

    It contains high-level management and psychology content similar to what's taught in MBA level classes at top business schools like Harvard. But unlike that Harvard MBA that will cost you $146,000, this won't cost you a dime if you're a chamber member.

    Why This is More Important Now than Ever

    If you're new to management, now might seem like an odd time to think about Workforce Development. But if you've been in a Leadership position for a while, you know that this is one of the most important things you should be thinking about right now, for three very important reasons.

    1. The Law of Inertia It takes 8 times more energy to start an object into motion than to keep an object in motion. When your employees come back, it'll be like coming back from Christmas break. People will have gotten used to dressing casual and working on a different schedule. Even the most Type-A personality is going to be a slow starter when they return. It'll be your job to get everyone back on the same page, working as a team, and moving forward again.

    2. Stress Nerves get frayed, tempers grow short, and cabin fever sets in the longer people are cooped up at home. When your employees come back, they're going to be more stressed out than they've ever been.

    3. Fear What people fear most is what they understand the least, which is why everyone is FREAKING OUT over Coronavirus. Even when everyone is cleared to go back to work, they're still going to be freaked out. Many will look at their coworkers with suspicion, especially if they sneeze or cough. Tensions will be high, and the atmosphere will NOT be pleasant.
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    June 11th
    11:00am - 11:45am
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    Amy Laczek
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