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Our Vision: A Thriving Rockville

Welcome to the Rockville Maryland Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to the Rockville Maryland Chamber of Commerce, the voice of business in Rockville. The Rockville Chamber of Commerce is a one-stop shop for businesses of all types and sizes in and around Rockville.

Whether you are looking for networking opportunities, inclusion in the Rockville Rewards campaign, an opportunity to interact with the City to improve conditions for business or a connection to the community, the Rockville Chamber of Commerce is here to serve you.

About the Chamber

The Rockville Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is organized to promote an economic environment wherein Rockville City businesses, non-profit institutions, government, and citizens can actively work together under the free enterprise system to promote orderly growth and prosperity. The Chamber shall, through its activities, provide a forum for the reflection of the sentiments of the business community regarding matters affecting its interests, and shall inform the public about the views, concerns, and activities of the business community.

The Rockville Chamber of Commerce is an integral part of our city's past and is helping to shape its future. We serve as the voice of the thousands of businesses that proudly call Rockville their home.

Our Vision statement says it all very simply:

A Thriving Rockville.  

Similarly, our Mission statement reflects the same simple, but powerful message:

To foster an environment for businesses to succeed through our leadership, advocacy and community partnership.

We achieve these goals through the following means:

  1. Assume a position of leadership on behalf of the business community in dealing with issues affecting our city.
  2. Effectively communicate to our elected representatives the special requirements of the business community through advocating the legislative proposals and emphasizing the interdependence of business and civic goals.
  3. Establish an environment conducive to planned growth consistent with the unique setting and goals of the City of Rockville.
  4. Promote cultural and social programs, improving the quality of life within our city, as well as to instill civic and business involvement.
  5. Provide educational programs and networking opportunities for the membership and greater business community.